We are  a strategy consultancy that brings competitive advantage to your organisation, be  it  a  corporation  or  a  place,  by harnessing the hidden wisdom within your ecosystem.

Envisioning, transfromation, outlook

Whether you’re looking to transform a business organisation or place, or just to improve a part of it…

What if…

You aspire to lead, not follow?  

You’ve learned that one size doesn’t fit all?  

You want to understand what really excites customers employees and stakeholders, even when they haven’t worked it out for themselves? 

You believe in holistic people-centric strategies, not silos? 

You need a flexible approach for a fast-moving world which makes change into an 

opportunity not a deviation? And plans which keep pace with people’s changing needs and 




If so, try envisioning your future, with an approach that is


Bespoke, customised, unique, Human-centric Disruption

Based on the DNA of your organisation, not rigidly following best practice


Transformation, Magic, Innovation, Human-centric disruption

Offering radical ideas for innovation


Empathetic, Human-centric Disruption

Understanding different groups and their needs  🔘


Empathetic cities, interconnected systems, ecosystems, frameworks, Human-centric Disruption

A holistic framework which links all the elements of your ecosystem


Iterative, virtuoso, exceptional, Human-Centric Disruption

Feedback loops which constantly validate strategy and projects against evolving needs and changing environments


Deliverable, custom, bespoke, Human-centric Disruption

Practical outputs that deliver outcomes