Agora Envisioning

Design Thinking 

for Strategic Transformation

Athenian democracy, agora, envisioning, innovation, transformation, Human-Centric Disruption

we make strategic transformation human centric by design

sustainable disruption and competitive advantage come from understanding and serving everyone in your ecosystem...

... we help organisations and their advisers apply design thinking to strategic transformation, creating the recipe for an integrated and human-centric future


Envisioning, transfromation, outlook

 Strategic transformations respond to big challenges, big opportunities.

If you

  • aspire to disrupt the market
  • seek to respond to disruptive threats
  • are setting out with new leadership and/or ownership 
  • are considering a major new investment
  • are evaluating an investment opportunity


through Envisioning, the future is


Bespoke, customised, unique, Human-centric Disruption

Based on the DNA of your organisation, not rigidly following best practice


Transformation, Magic, Innovation, Human-centric disruption

Offering radical ideas for innovation


Empathetic, Human-centric Disruption

Understanding different groups and their needs  🔘


Empathetic cities, interconnected systems, ecosystems, frameworks, Human-centric Disruption

A holistic framework which links all the elements of your ecosystem


Iterative, virtuoso, exceptional, Human-Centric Disruption

Feedback loops which constantly validate strategy and projects against evolving needs and changing environments


Deliverable, custom, bespoke, Human-centric Disruption

Practical outputs that deliver outcomes